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Bookreading: “Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice”

04/28/2011 – 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In a program arranged and co-sponsored by Pasfarda Arts and Cultural Exchange, Mary Hudson, the wife of the deceased author of Misogyny, renowned Irish journalist and author Jack Holland, will be present to talk about her husband’s book.
Holland set out to answer a daunting question: how do you explain the oppression and brutalization of half the world’s population by the other half, throughout history? The result is an eye-opening journey through centuries, continents and civilizations as it looks at both historical and contemporary attitudes toward women.
Misogyny encompasses the Church, witch hunts, sexual theory, Nazism, pro-life campaigners, and finally, today’s developing world, where women are increasingly and disproportionately at risk because of radicalized religious beliefs, famine, war, and disease. Mary will be joined by the translator of the book, Monireh Mohammadi.

>> Update 04.28.11: Monireh Mohammadi will not be attending, but passages of the Farsi translation will be read, and Persian copies will be available.

Jack Holland was a highly respected author and journalist best known for his work documenting “the Troubles” of his native Northern Ireland and the terrorism that they produced.
His last book was something of a departure, about the world’s most ancient and enduring prejudice, misogyny. Shortly before his tragic and untimely death, he finished it, but its original publisher, Viking, claimed it was “not ready for publication.” His widow and daughter knew this was not true, and worked hard to find another publisher. Two years later it was published by the London publishers Constable & Robinson.

It has now been translated into German, Spanish, Hungarian and Persian, with plans for more coming.

More can be learned about Jack Holland by visiting:

تاریخ زن ستیزی: کهن ترین تعصب جهان. ترجمه: منیره محمدی
Monireh Mohammadi (Translator of Jack Holland’s Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice, from English to Persian), has spent a number of years working as a researcher in human rights for various organizations that deal with refugee issues and other matters concerning newcomers and women. She founded and for some time directed the operations of a cultural centre in Richmond Hill that promoted and taught Iranian music and arts. The centre hosted a number of art exhibitions by Iranian-Canadian artists, and coordinated fundraising campaigns for the Bam earthquake of 2003, as well as the street children of Tehran. She is also a member of the executive committee board for `Refugee Update’, a national journal for the protection and advocacy of refugees. Monireh has also contributed translations of philosopher and psychologist Mortimer Adler to the online journal Akhbar-e Rooz. Currently, Monireh is doing content management for the well known publisher, Pearson and Penguin Canada.

Visit Women & Children First:


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Women & Children First Bookstore
5233 N Clark St
Chicago, IL United States
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