We believe art can make the world a better place.

Access to Cultural Resources in Chicago

PASFARDA Arts & Cultural Exchange was founded in Chicago in the summer of 2007 by a group of like-minded individuals who strongly believe that through dialogue and artistic exchange, cultural misunderstanding can be subsided.

PASFARDA Arts & Cultural Exchange
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Our Dedication

PASFARDA is an organization committed to the promotion and global exchange of arts and culture.  We are dedicated to supporting various forms of Iranian art in the U.S. and American art in Iran by focusing on contemporary and emerging artists, and by organizing cultural events.

PASFARDA, literally meaning the day after tomorrow, is at least a Double Entendre on Iranian culture's orientation toward future as well its propensity for procrastination.

Our Vision

PASFARDA Arts & Cultural Exchange effectively strengthens the cultural understanding between Iranians and Americans to create innovative alliances, coalitions and affiliations.

Our Mission

Through committed vision and leadership, PASFARDA pledges to provide certain values.

Our Access

We open doors for Iranian artists and intellectuals in the U.S. through the use of exhibitions, screenings, performances, and other special events.

Our Outreach

We create and strengthen alliances and coalitions with like-minded individuals and groups of all stripes to disseminate artistic expression regardless of political borders.

Our Cultural Bridging

We strongly view dialog, education, and artistic exchange as a means of eroding prejudice and promoting peace in our shared world.